Vitiligo white hair

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Vitiligo white hair: what is the correlation?

Vitiligo can affect both the epidermis and the hair bulbs. This means that, in the latter case, the pathology manifests itself with the depigmentation of the hair.

Vitiligo affecting hair not only makes it white, it can also damage and destroy it.

In this article we will see how it is formed and what are the natural remedies to treat hair affected by vitiligo.

Vitiligo and white hair

Vitiligo destroys melanocytes, the cells responsible for the production of pigments that give color to eyes, hair and skin.

As we mentioned earlier, vitiligo in hair shows itself with white patches and patches. By affecting the hair bulbs, the hair that grows in the vitiligo affected area is white in color. Let’s talk about acquired poliosis.

It can also happen that the hair remains its own color if Vitiligo affects the scalp. Only the latter is white, while the hair is not affected by depigmentation.

It is not a painful or contagious disease, but it can cause discomfort to those who suffer from it.

Vitiligo white hair: causes

Let’s see what are the possible triggers for vitiligo in hair.

Vitiligo hair can be the result of an autoimmune disease that leads the immune system to attack melanocytes.

The disease, then, can be hereditary.

Furthermore, vitiligo can be the result of a malfunction of the nervous system or oxidative stress caused by an excess of hydrogen peroxide.

Traumatic events can also cause the onset of vitiligo. We also refer to surgery or eating and digestive disorders that compromise the health of the hair.

Vitiligo white hair can also be a repercussion of particularly stressful periods in the private or personal sphere. Stress can negatively affect hair health.

Symptoms of Vitiligo in the Hair

The condition is usually asymptomatic, but sometimes the white patches are itchy.

In fact, one of the symptoms that can indicate a worsening of vitiligo in the hair is itching. This can get worse in the spring, possibly due to sunny days.

The remedies

A supplement treatment could improve the situation.

We are talking about food supplements based on vitamins C and E, which give strength to the hair and promote the synthesis of melanin and, therefore, contribute to skin and hair pigmentation.

In addition, The Faseb Journal has published research carried out by the Center for Skin Sciences of the University of Bradford, UK, together with the Institute for Pigmentary Disorders and EM Arndt University Greifswald, Germany.

This study involved 2,411 patients suffering from different variants of vitiligo. The research team found that some forms of the disease correspond to an evident decrease in oxidizing capacity by some enzymes and, therefore, to the massive excess of oxidative stress. But the researchers experimented with a topical ointment based on an enzyme called PC-KUS (modified pseudocatalase). This enzyme is activated when exposed to ultraviolet B radiation and is capable of re-pigmenting hair, hair and skin without melanin. Unfortunately, the reappearance of the pigmentation occurred only in five cases, so the therapy is not definitive. But the way has been mapped to find the cure for vitiligo.

We conclude our article “Vitiligo white hair” by remembering that it is always advisable to consult an expert.

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