Vitiligo Therapy

Vitiligo Therapy: How To Treat This Skin Disease.
If you have already seen our previous articles, you now know very well what Vitiligo is.

We will therefore talk about the treatment of Vitiligo and how to “cure” it.

Quotation marks are a must because there is no definitive cure for Vitiligo. There are solutions that are able to effectively solve the problem, greatly decreasing the discomfort. In more or less large areas.
Vitiligo can still present itself again and, for these reasons, new sessions must be planned in order to prolong the effects of the therapies over time.

However, it is impossible for anyone to promise you that Vitiligo will disappear completely and forever. Because that’s not the case.
It is unlikely that the skin color will return perfectly to the natural one. But the results that we can obtain with the different therapies are, in any case, really valid.

Many people find it uncomfortable with the loss of color due to Vitiligo. The treatments, by reducing the problem, also reduce this type of secondary psychological distress.

Let’s see what are the main treatments of Vitiligo. We can distinguish them into two main categories:

  • Medicines
  • Selective and targeted micro-phototherapy

Vitiligo Medicines

Vitiligo Pharmacological Therapy: let’s find out more.

Usually, first-line drug treatment involves the use of corticosteroid drugs or immunosuppressants.

These are the two classic drugs most used for the therapy of Vitiligo.

Obviously, subject to evaluation by the Dermatologist, who will evaluate based on the state of health of the patient (plus any interactions with other therapies, intolerances), how severe and extensive the Vitiligo is and the patient’s response to the drug.

Corticosteroids for Vitiligo

This type of topical medications are first choice products in treatment. However, they can have some side effects that need to be taken into consideration.

For example, among the side effects we have stretch marks and acne.

Therefore, medical control, as in most therapies on the other hand, is necessary.

Corticosteroids are very potent anti-inflammatory drugs, used to support the skin’s “re-evaluation” process.

However, they are usually used in the case of localized Vitiligo and not extensive Vitiligo.


These drugs are also used for Pharmacological Vitiligo Therapy in order to combat the disease.

Immunosuppressants act, in fact, by suppressing the activity of the immune system.

Thus also decreasing the adverse autoimmune responses to melanocytes. Which we have seen are cells that are important for the production of melanin (responsible for the color of our skin).

Usually the active ingredients of immunosuppressants are found in the form of creams or ointments for skin use.

Why are these types of drugs used?

As we have seen in the page reserved for the causes of Vitiligo, it is assumed that autoimmune factors also play an important role in the origin of the disease.

Selective and Targeted Micro-phototherapy

A very effective treatment to combat Vitiligo is definitely the selective and targeted Micro-phototherapy.

Born in 1984, micro-phototherapy is a valid and widely used solution in the dermatological field.

In our Vitiligo Specialized Centers we use Ratokderm® Patented Micro-phototherapy.

This apparatus uses UVA and UVB rays in a targeted and measured way on the portions of the skin to be treated.

To operate in complete safety for the operator and the patient.

The therapy with this sort of localized “solar shower” is divided into cycles or sessions, of variable duration.

Usually between 15 and 30 minutes.

It is recommended to carry out a maximum application per day for a total, in terms of time span, of a maximum of 5 sessions

Before starting the phototherapy cycles, it is necessary to contact the dermatologist to have all the information on the preparation and on any interactions.

After this first cycle of 5 sessions, we usually wait about 4 months for the next cycle.

Here the applications can be more than one during the day and should be repeated every 7-14 days.

Effectiveness on face Vitiligo is usually achieved more briefly than, for example, the treatment of the limbs.

For more information on micro-phototherapy, contact our centers or read the articles on our blog.


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