Vitiligo Spontaneous Healing

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Vitiligo Spontaneous Healing

Vitiligo Spontaneous Healing: Is It Possible? Many patients who have this pathology, when they access our center, tend to ask if vitiligo can be considered a disorder with the possibility of spontaneous healing.

That is, “curable” without carrying out any type of therapy.

This topic is explained by Dr. Marina Fantato, Dermatology specialist at the Unisalus Medical Center.

The Doctor also deals in particular with pigmentation disorders such as guttate hypomelanosis.

How does vitiligo manifest itself?

Before talking to you about the topic of spontaneous vitiligo healing, let’s do a little review of how the problem arises.

First of all we clarify that this pigmentation disorder is found precisely from a lack of skin pigment

It is linked to damage to the melanocytes and in particular, it is a failure of the cells that produce it.

It is definitely a frustrating disease that leads to psychological problems in the people affected by it.

Patients who suffer from it often experience the problem in a negative way.

Can Vitiligo Heal Spontaneously?

But then is it possible to talk about spontaneous healing vitiligo? Let’s say that there are currently no data drawn from scientific studies and carried out on patients suffering from vitiligo, which have highlighted the possibility of a cure of this type.

Unfortunately, on the basis of scientific knowledge, the spontaneous healing of vitiligo currently has a mostly negative response.

“It is precisely mentioned in the scientific literature that, if the vitiligo disorder has been present for many years, any spontaneous resolution or in any case spontaneous improvements are highly unlikely.

We can affirm that a total disappearance of the lesions is absolutely unlikely, without therapy, points out Dr. Marina Fantato.

Can anyone with vitiligo sunbathe?

Having established that speaking of spontaneous recovery from vitiligo is not possible, another question that we are often asked is whether we can sunbathe with this pathology.

The answer is yes.

The only data available, scientifically proven, is that during the summer the condition of vitiligo improves in subjects who sunbathe.

As we know, the hair follicle is very rich in melanocytes towards which a positive stimulus can be triggered by solar exposure.

In fact, one of the therapies used precisely simulates the sun’s rays.


Vitiligo is an evolutionary pathology and unfortunately, over the years, it tends to get worse.

Over time, it may even be able to affect the whole body (gradually). Therefore, the person who does not care, undergoes a complete loss of skin pigment.

We conclude our article by inviting those who need a specialist visit to contact our center in Milan for more information.

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