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Many people in our country suffer from Vitiligo. This pathology is characterized by the presence of patches of faded skin that we sometimes also see in public figures. In this article we will try to focus on the origin of Vitiligo.

What is the origin of Vitiligo?

When we talk about Vitiligo we are referring to a non-contagious disease whose causes are not yet known precisely. Several hypotheses have been formulated, but we are far from understanding the phenomenon. In fact, Vitiligo can also develop in people with a higher standard of living.

Technically, Vitiligo is defined as a dyschromic dermatosis of an unknown cause, the clinical manifestation of which is represented by well-defined non-itchy whitish skin rashes. These spots are often symmetrical and are found in the regions most exposed to the action of light. Like, for example, the face and hands. Furthermore, the outline of the patches appears to be hyperpigmented.

It is led to say, based on various considerations, that Vitiligo is not a real skin disease, but a skin blemish.

What are the causes?

We tend to think that the main cause of the onset of Vitiligo is a serious episode that has upset the subject. This is particularly the case when the latter is particularly sensitive.

Furthermore, the cause of the lack of skin pigmentation is traced back to the biochemical suffering of the melanocytes. They are particular skin cells that have the task of regulating the amount of melanin. In fact, melanin is responsible for the different coloring of different individuals. There are therefore hypotheses that the skin would be the target of a psychic phenomenon.

Therefore it is above all important that the patient acquires the conviction that he is not a carrier of a mysterious disease.

Targeted selective micro phototherapy

A group of doctors and physicists have created an equipment capable of treating this pathology with a method called selective micro phototherapy. This technique delivers ultraviolet rays with specific characteristics and high definition.

Through micro phototherapy, an injection of light is performed in order to stimulate the emissions of melanocytes.

The technicians are keen to highlight the degree of safety of the treatment. In fact, the beams controlled by an electronic system are pure, ensuring the highest possible degree of safety.

It is good to remember that by resorting to this therapy the patient must not take any substance to amplify the stimulating effect of the light.

The results are not immediate, but the treatment must be carried out on the average twice a month. Through a series of treatments lasting about 12 months, the patient achieves a total remission of over 60%. The cases of failure are instead equal to 10%.

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