Vitiligo on the beach

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Vitiligo on the beach becomes more visible and the psychological aspect comes into play.
So for people prone to vitiligo, the beach becomes torture.

For most women in the summer it triggers the desire to discover their body and reveal all their beauty.
But there is a part of them who would simply like to hide at the first ray of sunshine in the summer.

Hats, hours spent under an umbrella to avoid the sun are not enough.
While the skin tans, like everyone else’s, the white spots emerge overbearing making them even more visible than when they are.

But there are also some champions of the beach, such as model Winnie Harlow, who accepted her condition as it is.
In fact, there are many photos that see her showing her “spotted” skin on the beach.

For many, vitiligo is synonymous with social distress, in some cases it is seen as a disabling condition, so for them going to the beach is a taboo.

Even simply taking a bath becomes an obstacle, just think of the discomfort that it would create to see the makeup applied to the face dissolve in the water, thus revealing the spots.

This condition is particularly widespread in Africa and India where the incidence is very high.
Even in Italy it is very widespread and has a strong social impact and few people manage to live it well.

In recent years, many celebrities have declared they have vitiligo, such as the queen of X Factor and a discoverer of talents such as Tiziano Ferro, Mara Maionchi.
This should give people prone to vitiligo even more strength, they don’t have to feel alone.

Vitiligo on the beach what to do?

People with Vitiligo on the beach not only need 50+ protection but other preventative measures are also needed.
Vitiligo can be camouflaged by applying tinted cream to mask light spots.

Vitiligine in spiaggia cosa fare

Progressive DHA based products

Other recommended products are those based on progressive DHA, an active ingredient present in self-tanners.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a molecule that is extracted from sugar cane.
When applied to the skin, a reaction occurs with the amino acids of the keratin creating a pigmentation.

DHA is a temporary natural dye because it remains on the surface layer of the skin.

These products act on the superficial layer of the skin, covering the spots and giving a uniform color, thus allowing an excellent camouflage.

This type of product dries quickly, does not stain clothes and towels.
If applied correctly morning and evening, it gives the skin a homogeneous color on which sunscreen can be applied.

It should be noted that these products are used to color the vitiligo spots but do not offer protection from the sun’s rays.
Therefore they should be used in combination with 50+ sunscreens, as indicated above.

The staining of the spots lasts about four days, but if the skin is moisturized it can last up to a week.
If, on the other hand, you take frequent showers and have dry skin, the color goes away sooner.

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