Vitiligo and Vitamin d

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Are Vitiligo and Vitamin D Related?

Dr. Marina Fantato, Dermatologist at the Unisalus Medical Center in Milan, explains it to us in this video.

Regarding the use and usefulness of Vitamin D in cases of Vitiligo, there are many researches carried out and many studies are still in progress. Among the many results that emerged, the most important are those in which it is indicated that a low level of Vitamin D is related to the onset of Vitiligo. This in a high percentage of cases.

So Vitamin D deficiency is an important factor to take into consideration and the answer if Vitiligo and Vitamin D are related is therefore positive.

Correlation with autoimmunity

Furthermore, there are other studies that seem to demonstrate the very important role of Vitamin D in auto-immunity, as again due to the deficiency of this “vitamin”, we would have an altered expression of receptors on T lymphocytes that would cause damage to the melanocytes. .

Obviously, these are researches still in progress and therefore to be further investigated and approved.

Vitiligo and Vitamin D are related: video

Let’s now see the Video by Dr. Marina Fantato.


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