Vitiligo and homeopathic therapies

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Clinical trials with homeopathic therapies have been conducted to treat patients with vitiligo.
The results appear to be very good.

Vitiligo is a disease for which there is currently no definitive cure.

2 out of 100 people suffer from vitiligo, both men and women in the world.
Studies have shown that between 10 and 20 years of age there is an equal incidence between the sexes.
Furthermore, in 25% of cases there is a family history.

Vitiligo and homeopathic therapies

Clinical studies have been done on several vitiligo patients treated with homeopathic products derived from plant, animal or mineral compounds.

The personalized therapies, which lasted about 58 months, have brought good results. Improvements were found in all patients tested.

The best results were obtained by patients who started therapy immediately after the first spots appeared. This highlights the importance of timeliness in starting the treatment for vitiligo.

However, in other cases, where vitiligo had been present for some time and did not resolve itself, once homeopathic treatment was started, other health problems improved.

Pharmacological treatments are often not effective in the radical resolution of chronic skin disorders.

Homeopathic therapies and stress

Homeopathic therapies include holistic approaches to understanding the patient, thus providing personalized treatment.

Some diseases can occur when there is a combination of genetic predisposition and stress and homeopathy recognizes these factors.

Homeopathy takes into consideration the patient’s susceptibility to stress. This means that the homeopath can be more successful during the development of vitiligo, even before conventional medicine.

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Homeopathic hybrids

Homeopathic hybrids aim at the predisposition to dermatological diseases, thus making sure that problems such as dermatitis are resolved without recurring.

Thanks to the use of homeopathic hybrids it is possible to considerably attenuate vitiligo.
The melanocytes affected by the disease begin to reproduce again.
Consequently, the melanin reappears, thus favoring the re-pigmentation of the skin, which returns to its natural color.

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