Piperine and vitiligo

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Piperine and vitiligo: a possible cure?

Vitiligo involves the appearance of white patches on the skin, which are the result of a lack of melanin. There are natural remedies and supplements that reactivate the production of this pigment.

One such supplement is piperine, a substance found in black pepper.

Piperine for vitiligo: why is it useful?

Studies have shown that piperine, in addition to having slimming and digestive properties, also has anti-inflammatory qualities.

But, above all, it stimulates the production of melanin and promotes the reproduction of melanocytes. Hence, the re-pigmentation of the skin. In particular, piperine is able to fight skin spots by stimulating the repigmentation of lighter areas.

This is why there is a link between piperine and vitiligo and why the former can be useful to the latter.

How to take piperine?

Piperine can be obtained through pepper or through supplements.

Vitiligo piperine when can it help?

We have said that piperine stimulates the production of melanocytes, therefore the production of melanin.

However, it does not stop the progress of vitiligo.

In fact, the skin disease is of autoimmune origin and the black pepper extract is unable to cure the causes of the disease.

Consequently, the piperine remedy can only be useful for treating milder, stable or improving forms of the pathology. It is useless in the moment of activity of the disease, that is, during its worsening.

In fact, piperine helps to attenuate or shrink the patches (especially in some phases of the disease), but it does not replace therapy.

Vitiligo piperine: contraindications

Black pepper extract does not cause serious side effects.

However, its use is not recommended in case the patient suffering from vitiligo suffers from gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcers or gastritis.

There are no contraindications to taking piperine during pregnancy either: pay attention only to the dosage, which must not be exaggerated. In this case, in fact, an irritation of the gastric mucosa could occur.

When to stop taking piperine?

It is advisable to stop taking piperine-based supplements after one month.

In fact, unpleasant side effects may appear in the long term.

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