Micro-phototherapy Ratokderm Protocol

Micro-phototherapy Ratokderm Protocol, an important tool for the cure and treatment of Vitiligo. The etiopathology of Vitiligo is not yet known, therefore it is possible to intervene on some pathogenetic phases, on the favoring and aggravating factors and finally, on the clinical manifestations of the disease.

Micro-phototherapy Ratokderm Protocol
The Advantages

Revolutionary are the important advantages of this innovative technological method compared to other conventional ultraviolet treatments.

1° Advantage: No drugs

First of all, it is possible to eliminate the use of photosensitizing drugs taken systemically.

2° Advantage: reduction of the risk of carcinogenesis

Microphotography avoids unnecessarily irradiating healthy skin by hitting in a targeted, specific and limited way only the areas affected by dermatosis.

Furthermore, by means of a computerized electronic control system, selectively variable ultraviolet dosages are used, aimed at the necessary reactivation of differently localized altered cellular mechanisms.

3° Advantage: specific for the more complicated areas

In addition to being free from side effects and contraindications, it is particularly effective for the treatment of the scalp, the palms of the hands, the insoles of the feet and nails.

This therapy has already proved valid for the treatment of Vitiligo, a dermatosis notoriously difficult to resolve.

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