How to explain Vitiligo to our children?

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Today Dr. Marina Fantato will explain how to explain Vitiligo to our children.

Vitiligo is a skin disease that is characterized by the depigmentation of the same with the consequent appearance of white spots in different areas of the body. This dermatological problem has a negative psychological impact for adults, as in many cases it can limit the daily activities and social life of the patient who suffers from it.

Even for children, especially teenagers attending school, the psychological problem can be very limiting. For this reason, parents must be very sensitive in explaining the situation to their children.

Dr. Marina Fantato of the Unisalus Medical Center in Milan, therefore, talks to us about how to explain vitiligo to our children in this video pill.

Vitiligo explained to children: the video

How can I explain Vitiligo to my children?

We certainly need to speak very clearly with them. Vitiligo is a skin disease that involves mostly aesthetic discomfort. It therefore concerns a social sphere of what people may or may not like. Incidentally, there are many models and models with vitiligo, as well as many famous people who make cinema and theater. Vitiligo consists in the lack, in the progressive loss of color in the pigmentation of the skin.

We must explain to our little ones that vitiligo is a problem that can be solved or mitigated by the dermatologist with specific and targeted treatments. Such as uvb therapy.

We also need to remind our children that even with a little Vitiligo you can still be charming and special. The aesthetic judgment is always personal and what some people do not like, on the contrary, can please many others.

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