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Vitiligo is a skin disease characterized by areas where pigmentation is reduced or completely absent. In fact, sometimes very extensive white patches arise. These spots can appear in many parts of the body and create discomfort in the person with Vitiligo. In this article we will talk about the treatments for Vitiligo.

What are the treatments for Vitiligo?

It is good to clarify immediately that there is no definitive cure for Vitiligo. No therapies have yet been formulated to restore skin pigmentation to its original state.

However, dermatologists have some treatments to defeat Vitiligo.

An example of treatment can be selective and targeted micro-phototherapy. A cure tested on a significant number of patients with the results published in the International Journal of Immunology and Pharmacology.

What does Micro-phototherapy consist of?

Over time, ultraviolet rays are able to stimulate correct pigmentation of the areas affected by Vitiligo. For this reason they are frequently used to treat patients.

The therapies in use involve irradiation of the whole body. However, exposure to UV rays is not without risks. Obviously it must be considered that the skin exposed to light responds by tanning and, consequently, accentuating the difference with the blemish.

The therapy is based on the idea of ​​precisely radiating only the area affected by the pathology and directing it to the spot only.

In the trial 526 people were treated and in 72% of cases good pigmentation of the areas was achieved.

However, the results are not immediate, but are seen after three to four months.

The full duration of therapy includes one or two monthly sessions, but varies according to the patient. It is also important to remember that the therapy does not require the use of drugs.

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