Vitiligo and laser hair removal

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People prone to vitiligo also need cosmetic care and laser hair removal.
The subject of hair removal is a very sensitive one in women and in recent years also in men.
However, it must be said that some hair removal methods can cause trauma with the possibility of manifestation of the Koebner phenomenon.

Laser hair removal comes to the aid of people prone to vitiligo, not only because it is a medical treatment but it drastically reduces hair formation.

For this reason it is advisable, even in these cases, to contact experts.

Is Vitiligo and Laser Hair Removal Possible?

With due care, even patients subject to vitiligo and other skin diseases can resort to laser hair removal.

The treatment has high levels of safety and can be customized according to the characteristics of the patient’s skin and hair.

Furthermore, aesthetic medicine in the last decade has been making great strides in terms of innovation.

Tests and studies have been carried out that prove the compatibility of laser hair removal and people suffering from this skin disease.

To fully understand how laser hair removal works, we need to focus on melanin, a key factor in the pathology of vitiligo.

depilazione laser

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a treatment that allows the elimination of unwanted hair in various areas of the body, for example: face, legs, armpits and groin.

The laser emits a beam of light, also called spots, which heats the hair shaft and its root.
This occurs thanks to specific wavelengths for different types of skin.

The spots selectively target the melanin containing in the hair bulbs by overheating them and changing their structure.

If the equipment is used correctly, the skin around the follicle does not undergo alterations.

So unlike other depilatory methods, the hair is not torn because it uses photo thermolysis. In practice, the light energy is transformed into heat causing the destruction of the bulb.

In conclusion, we can say, therefore, that laser hair removal is done correctly does not create damage to the skin and this is a significant advantage for those with vitiligo.

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