Vitiligo and covid 19 vaccination

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Vitiligo and covid 19 vaccination are there any risks? Since the vaccines were introduced, people with vitiligo have questioned whether they are safe and effective.
We can say that COVID-19 vaccines are safe for vitiligo patients.

Are people with Vitiligo more prone to Covid-19?

Also, people who are affected by this autoimmune condition wonder if they may be more susceptible to developing an infection, especially a dangerous one like COVID, due to vitiligo.

Vitiligo being an autoimmune condition which means your immune system is overactive.
The immune system then attacks cells it shouldn’t attack, the melanocytes which are responsible for producing melanin.
This condition does not make people immune to covid 19 but it does not make people more susceptible.

The suggestion, therefore, is to people with vitiligo to get vaccinated, because they are as suitable for the coronavirus vaccine as someone who does not have vitiligo.
Ultimately, it will have no influence on melanin.

Covid-19 vaccination and treatments for vitiligo

People who are undergoing vitiligo therapy, such as phototherapy, can get vaccinated.
The treatments are in fact limited to the skin.

The phototherapy treatment has no impact on the body, the same thing goes for cortisone creams.
This is because any immune effects they have will not be deeper than the skin.

In addition, people who are following oral therapy, taking drugs, do not have to worry that the covid-19 vaccine does not create side effects related to the therapy.
Again there are no problems related to the treatment for vitiligo and vaccination for covid 19.

In the worst case, if the immune system is weakened by the medications you are taking, there could be a possibility that the vaccine is not fully effective. But there is no evidence that this is the case.


In conclusion we can summarize what to know about vitiligo and Covid 19 vaccination:

  • People with vitiligo should be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible.
  • There are no differences in the effectiveness of the vaccine for people with different skin tones.
  • People with vitiligo need not worry about the timing of vaccinations in coordination with topical treatments such as light therapy or skin creams.

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