Psychosomatic Vitiligo

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Can we talk about psychosomatic vitiligo?

Among the many skin diseases, vitiligo is a pathology that can certainly be defined as psychosomatic.

Vitiligo: causes

Meanwhile, there is still a predisposition to get sick with vitiligo which is essentially on a genetic basis.

However, this does not imply an exclusive factoriality as regards the manifestation of this disease. That is, typically the psychic disorders that impact on the emotional sphere of the subject, and which therefore can create emotional distress, are disorders that negatively impact vitiligo. Therefore, those who have the problem of vitiligo must unfortunately be very careful not to create aggravating situations, through negative psychological stress, as these can greatly worsen the disease itself.

So much so that the patient suffering from vitiligo is also advised to carry out psychological treatments with sessions, obviously managed by a psychotherapist, to carry out a sort of psychological reset and put the patient in the best conditions to face the various treatments that are available. for vitiligo.

But somatization is a characteristic that certainly exists in vitiligo and the meaning is that the emotional distress has a negative impact on the disease.

This is why we talk about psychosomatic vitiligo.

Vitiligo Psychosomatic Causes

In addition to the causes on a genetic basis, therefore, there are other reasons that can lead to the onset of vitiligo.

We refer to hormonal alterations, strong and stressed emotional experiences, psychic trauma and psychological problems and conflicts.

The person who develops vitiligo, therefore, may have experienced or is experiencing emotional trauma that triggered skin inflammation. In this way, an internal malaise is manifested on the outside.

Body and mind, therefore, despite being two very different systems, communicate and influence each other.

Treat psychosomatic vitiligo

The treatment of psychosomatic vitiligo should not be treated only from a physical and epidermal point of view. But it should also concern listening to the psychological and emotional aspects that the person is experiencing.

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