Micro Photostimulation and Vitiligo

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The benefits of the sun on the skin are well known. We are talking about heliotherapy to understand the healing effect of the sun. It gives energy and vitality, but also has a healing effect on the body and psyche. In this article we will talk about the benefits that Micro photostimulation brings in the treatment of Vitiligo.

UVB therapy

UVB are essential for the synthesis of vitamins in the skin. They also promote the development of calcium in the bones, helping to fight rickets.

Sunlight has positive effects on the immune system. This happens because UV attenuates inflammatory reactions and contact allergies.

The sun is an excellent ally for fighting skin diseases. One of the pathologies for which it is most useful is Vitiligo. However, UVB therapy can also be good for other dermatoses.

According to statistics, 1% of the world population suffers from Vitiligo. Under the microscope, no melanocytes or melanin are observed in the skin fragments taken from the achromic stain. The patches of Vitiligo come on suddenly. They initially arise on the face, particularly in the eye area. But they can extend over the entire skin surface. In fact, the feet can also be involved.

The evolution of the Vitiligo patches is absolutely unpredictable. At the moment we are talking about family predisposition and it is difficult to implement prevention maneuvers as the causes of the disease are not fully known.

There are various methodologies to treat Vitiligo. The remedies can be pharmacological or not. But it is very important that exposure to sunlight or an artificial light source is always associated with it. Sun and light are complementary to each other. This happens because both sunlight and artificial light are able to stimulate the repigmentation process. In fact, they have the ability to recreate the lost chromatic uniformity.

Vitiligo therapy and targeted micro photostimulation

The use of targeted micro photostimulation has introduced some principles of physics into dermatology.

Through this method, patients who have successfully completed the course of treatment have obtained an excellent result. The result has remained stable over time. But it is important to remember that a long period of treatment is required to achieve the desired result.

Most therapies focus on stimulating the skin using UV rays. Often, in conventional therapies, ultraviolet rays are associated with pharmacological substances. However, it should be emphasized that this practice is not without risks, because the patient is liable to any toxic effects.

The targeted micro photostimulation of Vitiligo patches does not require the use of any drug.

In fact, the therapeutic effect is generated by the biological action on the skin of a selected and concentrated electromagnetic beam, such as to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect with the minimum probability of side effects.

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