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The main cause of Vitiligo is still unknown and is characterized by the appearance of white spots.

It is usually treated with corticoid drugs and also with therapies such as micro-phototherapy.
However, these treatments do not guarantee 100% eradication of the disease.

Some studies have shown that vitiligo patients have very low rates of folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B12, factors that affect skin coloring.
These vitamins are essential for the preservation of melanocyte cells.

There are some natural methods that can help fight the disease.
One of these is hypericum oil, also called St. John’s wort.

Hypericum oil and vitiligo

Hypericum oil has remarkable anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which can be used against the signs of aging and lighten blemishes.

Hypericum oil can be applied in the evening in areas where vitiligo is present.

For those suffering from this disease, sun exposure is a problem, because the disease can get worse with UV rays.
For this reason, areas with vitiligo spots must be well protected.
The use of St. John’s wort oil can shield stains and protect the skin.

Olio di Ipericco

Hypericum perforatum

Hypericum perforatum, commonly called St. John’s wort, is a plant characterized by elongated green leaves and yellow flowers used to obtain St. John’s Wort oil.

The Hypericum perforatum plant has the following properties:

  • Phytotherapeutic
  • Antibiotics and Antivirals
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-congestants
  • Cicatrizing
  • Refreshing

Hypericum oil preparation

To obtain St. John’s Wort oil correctly, it is essential to collect the tops of the flower during the flowering period and make sure that there was no intense rain in the days prior to harvest.

The ingredients are:

  • Freshly picked St. John’s Wort flowers
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Then you have to follow the following procedure:

  • It is necessary to separate the flowers from the stems and keep them in a jar, possibly glass.
  • Detach the flowering apex, including the still unopened buds
  • Pour the extra virgin olive oil until the flowers are completely covered
  • Then you can close the jar and close it with aluminum foil

After which the jar should be left to soak in the sun for about 40 days. In this way the flowers are able to leave their active ingredients inside the oil.
During the maceration period, the jar should be shaken at least once a day.

When maceration is complete, the oil inside the jar should be of an intense red color.

Then you need to filter the oil obtained with a funnel and a cotton cloth.
Lastly, it is also necessary to pour the well-squeezed flowers.

The oil can be poured into a dark glass bottle, or into a dropper bottle.

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