How is Vitiligo Diagnosed?

How is Vitiligo Diagnosed? Today we explain how to diagnose Vitiligo and what to do. We have already explained several times on our site what Vitiligo is.

The diagnosis of Vitiligo is very simple, due to the fact that it is visible to the naked eye. Especially when the depigmentation is very extensive.

The simple physical examination, that is the specialist visit with the dermatologist, is sufficient to make a diagnosis of Vitiligo.

Differential diagnosis

Although at first glance it may seem very simple to have a Vitiligo diagnosis, it is always best to contact your doctor.
To also have a differential diagnosis. We could in fact confuse it with different pathologies that give the same symptoms.

We are talking, for example, of piebaldism, which is a rare autosomal dominant disease. Also in this disease we can have hyperpigmented areas of the skin.

Usually at the height of the trunk, head, forehead, neck and mid-limbs.

Other diseases such as lichen sclerosus, post-inflammatory hypopigmentation, morphea, leprosy or pityriasis alba can, from a less experienced eye, be confused with Vitiligo.

So the answer to how Vitiligo is diagnosed is this. The physical examination and clinical evaluation are fundamental and are the main tool for diagnosing the disease.

In addition, it is recommended, in some specific cases and on the recommendation of the Doctor, to check the blood count with the formula of fasting glycaemia.

And possibly also the control of thyroid function.

After Diagnosis

Once the dermatologist has confirmed a diagnosis of Vitiligo, a treatment plan will be defined. Where by cure, as we will see in the next articles, does not mean the definitive and complete disappearance of Vitiligo.

There is talk of a suitable treatment to improve the situation, even considerably, also eliminating what is the strong psychological discomfort due to this pathology.

One of the treatments used is, for example, micro-phototherapy.

In any case, Vitiligo could also present itself again and the treatment cycles must therefore be repeated, to keep the situation under control several times during the year.


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