Corticosteroids and Vitiligo

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Corticosteroids and vitiligo: what risks and what incidence? We talk about it with Dr. Marina Fantato in this Vitiligo pill video.

What are the risks of systemic corticosteroid therapy for Vitiligo? How and when should we use it to treat Vitiligo? The answer depends first and foremost on the dosage of these drugs which are composed of cortisone.

Secondly, other factors that influence the answer to our question are:

  • the duration of the treatment
  • the health conditions of the patient with vitiligo

As for Vitiligo, the intake of cortisone could be useful in the forms of the disease that are in the expansion phase. That is a vitiligo in a rapidly worsening condition. Provided that this therapy is performed for short cycles and with cortisone dosages not too high.

What are systemic corticosteroids?

Corticosteroids and vitiligo may therefore have a relationship in the treatment of this skin disease. Even if it must be performed under medical supervision, at low doses and for short cycles to avoid risks and contraindications of cortisone.

When we talk about systemic corticosteroids we are referring to those cortisone-based drugs taken orally or locally. Those taken locally are basically the creams.

Video corticosteroids and vitiligo

If you prefer to hear Dr. Marina Fantato’s words on corticosteroids and vitiligo directly, you can watch the following video. Doctor Fantato of the Unisalus Medical Center is a dermatologist expert in the treatment of skin diseases, in particular psoriasis and vitiligo.

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We remind you that on our website, in the blog section you can find many other video pills related to vitiligo and many topics covered by our doctors who are experts in the treatment of vitiligo.

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