Acrofacial Vitiligo

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Acrofacial Vitiligo is one of the types of Vitiligo that can affect a person.

Although only 1% of the population lives with vitiligo, its appearance can manifest itself in different ways. For some, vitiligo will only appear on one area of ​​the body. For others, however, vitiligo will appear only on one side of the body, or again on most or all of the body.

This is how the types of Vitiligo are classified.

Generalized Vitiligo

The most common form of vitiligo is generalized vitiligo, which can also be defined as non-segmental or vulgar.

Vitiligo spots are typically symmetrical and appear on both sides of the body.

Generalized vitiligo appears on some areas and usually progresses to cover multiple parts of the body, although the rate of progression varies.

The spots commonly appear on the hands, wrists, elbows, armpits, eyelids, nostrils, lips, ears, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

Segmental Vitiligo

Segmental vitiligo, also referred to as one-sided, appears on only one side of the body. Depigmentation can occur on the face, neck, trunk, arms, and legs.

This form of Vitiligo often appears in children and stabilizes within a few years.

Focal Vitiligo

Focal or localized vitiligo appears on only one or two areas of the body.

It is a rare form of Vitiligo. Depigmentation has no consistent patterns. However, focal vitiligo can be an early form of generalized vitiligo and can continue to spread.

Acrofacial Vitiligo

Acrofacial vitiligo is also called lip tip vitiligo.

It is an uncommon form of Vitiligo. Acrofacial vitiligo occurs only on the lips, fingers, and toes.

Universal Vitiligo

Universal Vitiligo is the rarest form of Vitiligo.

We are talking about universal vitiligo when 80% or more of the body loses pigment. Some people with universal vitiligo become 100% depigmented.

Perinevic Vitiligo

Perinevic Vitiligo is a rare type of Vitiligo.

The typical spots of the pathology start from a mole to expand in a centrifugal way to create a white spot all around the mole itself.

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